The month of November is named for the number “nine”. This is because the original early Roman calendar had only ten months. The months we now know as January and February did not exist 3000 years ago. Nine is considered the sacred number of completion. November is the month before December and the Winter Solstice, a time of rebirth.

In today’s calendar, November is the 11th month of the year. Eleven is another significant number in the evolution of human consciousness. Eleven was the first number that could not be counted using the ten fingers of our early ancestors. It marked the beginning of a new cycle, a new way of thinking, a sort of letting go. By opening their minds to the concept of 11 they were able to expand human consciousness.


The number 11 is symbolic of a sacred gateway. This gateway is connected to divine creation (Mother/Father, Heaven/Earth, Yin/Yang, Dark/Light, Night/Day etc…) as it takes two to create one. The number 11 is a birth portal for the creation of something new.

In sacred geometry the Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles whose center points exactly touch. It is also symbolic of creation and is seen as a birth portal.

37 Portal of Life - Sacral8x8

The Vesica Picsis symbolizes the portal of the human creation that correlates to the sacral chakra located in the reproductive system. Its compliment is the third eye chakra that serves as the portal for divine creation located in the prefrontal cortex.

27 Third Eye Chakra8x8

The words Vesica Piscis literally means “bladder of a fish” in Latin.

To Pythagorean’s it meant “measure of a fish.”  For students of Pythagoras (Greek philosopher circa 570 – 490 BCE) the Vesica Piscis represented the intersection of the world of the divine with the world of matter and the beginning of creation. To Pythagoreans all of creation was based on numbers and by studying them one could achieve spiritual liberation. Thus forming the foundation for sacred geometry.

St. Augustine (Christian theologian in Algeria circa 354 – 430 ACE) began using the Vesica Piscis to represent Jesus and the Holy Trinity, as defined by the Council of Nicaea.  Jesus was often referred to as the “fisher of men.” A stylized version of the Vesica Piscis is often called the “Jesus Fish,” by Christians.  Ichthys is the Greek word for “fish.”


The number 153, appears in the Gospel of John (21:11) as the exact number of fish Jesus miraculously caught. This appears to be a direct correlation to the mathematical ratio of 265:153, the square root of three. The mathematical ratio of the height of a Vesica Piscis to the width across its center is the square root of 3 or the number 265:153.

The Vesica Piscis is also known as a mandorla, which means almond in Italian.

According to Exodus (37:17-22), Moses received explicit instructions on how to build a Menorah, a ceremonial oil lamp fashioned after an Almond tree.


The Menorah symbolizes the immortal and divine Tree of Life. According to Jewish mysticism the Menorah is encoded with a diagram to help people return to the Garden of Eden.  The central trunk (oneness) has four almond buds with an almond blossom on top. Three branches extend to the left (feminine) and three branches to the right (masculine).  Each branch has three almonds buds with an almond blossom on top.  In total there are seven almond blossoms that provide light and twenty-two almond buds that mark the path through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  This diagram was kept secret for hundreds if not thousands of years.

43 Soul Tree - Root8x8

Twenty-two (22) is a mirror reflection of the eleven (11) sefirot or divine emanations that receive and reveal both masculine and feminine knowledge to become whole or one. This  path through the Tree of Life represents the journey through the eleven (11) sefirot as a soul travels down the Tree of Life into human form. When the human/soul reaches the red dot, called Malkuth, it becomes a fully realized human who has lost its memory of being a soul.  It is from this place of being fully human that man has the choice to travel up the tree through the eleven (11) sefirot regaining his memory or connection to his divine soul  This realization is called Daat or enlightenment.  The Kabbalistic Tree of Life inspired the creation of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards in the Tarot that represents mankind’s circular journey through life.

The Sanskrit word for mandorla is Yoni.  Yoni is considered the source of life: a divine passage of the soul from spirit to matter. It is seen as a symbol of the sacred feminine.

For Muslims the mandorla is seen as the womb of the universe, which holds the sacred black stone or ovum of the universe. The black stone is believed to have fallen from Heaven to Earth to mark the place where Abraham was asked to sacrifice Ishmael, his first born son.  This place is known as Mecca.


The Black Stone is the most sacred object is Islam and is placed in the East corner of the Kaaba in Mecca.

Muslims get ready to pray at Haram Mosque, Saudi Arabia.

When pilgrims perform the Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the highlights is to walk seven times in concentric circles around the cube-shaped Kaaba pointing to the black stone each time they pass. This symbolizes the seven days of creation.

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961), a Swiss psychiatrist, viewed the human psyche as “by nature religious.” Meaning that people naturally want to feel connected to something beyond themselves. In doing so, beliefs and religions have formed over time based on myth, metaphor, history and story.

Jung saw that the human psyche operated on four primary planes: Self, Personal Consciousness, Personal Unconsciousness, and Collective Unconscious. It was from the place of the Collective Unconscious that he saw the formation of Archetypal patterns, based on the universal experience of being human.

The more awareness we can bring to these patterns we enable ourselves to heal the collective wound stories of men and women.  By awakening the Collective Unconsciousness we can transform it into Collective Consciousness.

The use of numbers has always had a profound effect on our psyche. When we see 11:11 on our digital clocks it triggers the unconscious memory. It is a calming and supportive pattern that reminds us to move forward.


November is a symbolic gateway that reminds us to create a new way of seeing.


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