XI. November

The month of November is named for the number “nine”. This is because the early Roman calendar had only ten months. The months we now know as January and February did not exist 3000 years ago.

November is now the 11th month of the year, another significant number in the evolution of human consciousness. Eleven was the first number that could not be counted using the ten fingers of our early ancestors. It marked the beginning of a new cycle, a new way of thinking, a sort of letting go and trusting. By opening their minds to the concept of 11 they were able to expand human consciousness.

The number 11 is made up of two “ones”, each marks a beginning point. This concept of two “ones” is connected to the concept of creation (Mother/Father or Heaven/Earth) as it takes two to create one. This is why we see the number 11 as a “birth portal”. It triggers our primal understanding of new beginnings, birth and expanded awareness.

When we see 11:11 on our digital clocks it triggers this unconscious memory. It is a calming and supportive pattern that reminds us that life continues on. Many stories and prophecies surround these numbers. I hope to explain just a few concepts of how they play out in our conscious and unconscious mind.

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961), is considered the first modern psychiatrist to view the human psyche as driven “by nature religious”. Meaning that people naturally want to feel connected to something beyond themselves. In doing so beliefs and religions have formed over time based on myth, metaphor, history and story. He saw that the human psyche operated on four primary planes: Self, Personal Consciousness, Personal Unconsciousness, and Collective Unconscious. It was from this place of the Collective Unconscious that he saw the formation of Archetypal patterns. These patterns are based on the universal experience of being human. These Archetypal patterns inform us and connect us to each other as a species.

The use of numbers has always had a profound effect on all levels of our psyche. The more awareness we bring to these Archetypal patterns we can begin to awaken the fifth level of awareness called the Collective Consciousness.

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