Timeline of world belief

“The more you learn the less you know for sure…” – Socrates

What is being shared is a summary of just a few of the world’s major events that have shaped our collective consciousness.  May we come together and celebrate the oneness of being human and honor this great journey that we all walk.

4.5 Billion BCE – Earth was formed

3 Million BCE – Apelike Hominids lived in Southern Africa

1 Million BCE – Homo-Erectus (Neanderthals) replaced Hominids in Africa – began to migrate North into Europe.

200,000 BCE – Homosapien (Modern Man) began to appear in central Africa

150,000 BCE – Homosapiens begin to form “Tribes” and migrate north in Africa

100,000 BCE – African Tribes migrate through Nubia and into Egypt

80,000 BCE – Migration continues into Mesopotamia – Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia

65,000 BCE – Beginning of last Ice Age shifts migration patterns South-East to Indus valley

62,000 BCE – Populating the Indus Valley – Harappan and Dravidian cultures

60,000 BCE – Populating Europe – Solutrean/Basque, Teutonic/Germanic cultures.

57,000 BCE – Neanderthals interbreed with Homosapien in Europe and Central Asia

55,000 BCE – Populating Asia and Siberia

40,000 BCE – Sea levels begin falling – America’s begin populating as land bridges are exposed

30,000 BCE – Neanderthal becomes extinct as a species. Last found in Southern Spain.

23,000 BCE – Tungus tribe forms in Siberia – Shamanism is seen as a calling for visionary leaders

21,000 BCE – Fertility Goddess found in lower Austria “Venus of Willendorf”.

17,000 BCE – Magdalenian Culture – Spain.  Magdalenian stone tools include blades, scrapers, borers, and projectile points. Their bone tools, including needles, were often engraved with animal images. Cave art appears.

16,000 BCE – Bon Culture – Tibet. Bön is the indigenous belief of Tibet, which was animistic.

13,000 BCE – Clovis Culture emerges in North America – combination of Siberian and Solutrean culture. Solutrean culture is from Europe.

13,000 BCE – First Calendar found in Hindus Valley – lunar and solar based

10,000 BCE – Basque Cave art found – human and animal drawings – Lascaux, France

10,000 BCE – Isis – Osiris culture begins in Egypt – Nut, Geb, Set, Thoth, Horus, Ma’at. Fertility culture focuses on the cycles of birth, life, death, rebirth

10,000 BCE – Arabia – a nomadic culture emerges that perfects night travel by following the stars and planets with the “light” of the moon

7000 BCE – Great Flood Stage begins as Ice Age ends. Melting causes water levels to rise covering land bridges and islands throughout the world

6000 BCE – A genetic mutation causes blue eyes and blonde hair in the Slavic region

5000 BCE – China creates silk, pottery, hemp clothing, wine and domesticates animals

4000 BCE – Mayan culture in Central America begins to cultivate corn creating a sophisticated agriculture system

3500 BCE – First settlers in Canaan (Israel) create Salem (Jerusalem)

3500 BCE – Sumerian (Iraq/Iran) tablets are carved in stone, telling the story of – Enki & Enlil – The Epic of Gilgamesh and the creation story of Ur

3150 BCE – Enochian legend begins as Enoch is identified as a wandering prophet who transcends to becomes the Angel of God – Metatron/Shekinah. Later he is identified as the 7th son of Adam, grandfather of Noah

3114 BCE – The Mayan culture identifies this year as the beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle which ends around 2012

3079 BCE – Vietnamese King, Van Lang, establishes 1st Hung Dynasty

3000 BCE – Stonehenge and Newgrange are created in England for ceremony to honor solar, lunar, star, planetary cycles

3000 BCE – Hindu’s identify the beginning of the Kali Yuga Year which will last for 5000 years and herald in the dawn of the Golden Age around 2000 AD

2589 BCE – Great pyramid of Giza is built near Cairo, Egypt as a tomb for Cheops/Khufu, sophisticated burial rituals and beliefs in reincarnation are formed.

2500 BCE – Great Sphinx is constructed near Cairo, Egypt built by the son of Cheops

2000 BCE – Egyptian Mystery Schools begin – based on teachings of Thoth/Ma’at/Isis/Osiris

1850 BCE – Abraham leaves his birthplace in Sumeria(Iraq), the land of UR with wife Sarah based on a “divine revelation” from YAHWEH, they are joined by Haggar an Arabian woman. Haggar gives birth to Ishmael, Sarah gives birth to Issaac. Thus laying the foundation for monotheism – the belief in one true God. This becomes the basis of Judaic, Christian and Islamic belief.

1730 BCE – Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son. Isaac on Mt Morai in Jerusalem (Jewish and Christian belief)  or Ishmael in the dessert near Mecca (Islamic belief) to prove loyalty to one God.

1500 BCE – Olmecs of Meso-America begin to worship a serpent as the God of Light

1500 BCE – Moses, a hebrew orphan, is raised in the Egyptian Pharoahs home giving him access to Mystery School teachings

1500 BCE – Iran – Zoroaster, the Prophet of Persia claims that Ahura Mazda is the one supreme god who created seven archangels, called the Amesha Spentas. Persian mythology is a battle of good and evil. Each person chooses to follow the truth or lie.

1400 BCE – Oracle of Delphi in Greece is consulted by people all over the world

1400 BCE – Vedic texts are written, laying the official foundation of Hinduism and the caste system. Agni, Indra, Varuna etc…begin replacing the matriarchal Goddesses of Maya, Tara and Devi.

1399 BCE – Moses receives Torah, Ten Commandments, Ark of the Covenant, and instructions on how to create the Menorah/Tree of Life at Mount Sinai.

1200 BCE – Homer – Greek Poet writes the epic poems Iliad, and the Oddesey which form a series of mythologically stories of creation and a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

1150 BCE – King Wen and his son Duke Chou develop the Heavenly Bagua, a circular cosmology based on the eight forces of nature and the five elements. It is created by the union of Father Sky and Mother Earth who then give birth to three daughters and three sons.

1100 BCE – Greeks enter Hellennistic Period – Pantheon of Gods worshipped based on Homer’s Iliad and the Oddesey

1000 BCE – Eleusian Mystery Schools begin in Greece – inspired by the Goddess Demeter who is a fertility/harvest Goddess. Corn is seen as a sacred symbol of the secret of life.

1000 BCE – Dogon tribe in Africa shares their belief that aliens from the Dog Star Sirius visited earth and created humans.

1000 BCE – Mound builders become a large and sophisticated group of Native Americans living in the Ohio Valley in North America

1020 BCE – King David becomes the first Hebrew King and brings the legendary Ark of the Covenant created by Moses to Jerusalem

950 BCE – King Solomon (son of King David) builds a temple in Jerusalem, this becomes the Temple Mount which houses the Ark of the Covenant

800 BCE – Upanishads are written in Hindu culture as a way to educate others on how to attain enlightenment. Brahman becomes the essence of Atman the soul.

800 BCE – Maori shamanic tradition begins in Polynesian Islands

770 BCE – Great Wall of China begins to be built to control wars between feudal warlords/landowners

650 BCE – Shintoism unites Japans early indigenous beliefs into “The way of the Gods”. The Kami Way.

605 BCE – Chaldeans –The Chaldean Book of Numbers was created. They worshipped the stars – or “regents.” Sabeanism was the religion of the ancient Chaldees.  They were astrologers and diviners.

600 BCE – Nabataeans – were tent-dwelling shepherds. Capitol city was Petra where they worshipped the moon along with planets and constellations of the zodiac. They carved standing stones called a Baetyl – literally meaning “house of God”.

600 BCE – Mayans come to power acknowledging Quetzlcoatl, a feathered serpent, as their God

600 BCE – Taoism begins to form in China based on the writings of the legendary philosopher Lao-Tzu to help create balance among the feudal warlords

588 BCE – Buddhism begins as Siddharta Guatama breaks away from Hindu belief and the caste system by attaining enlightenment after years of searching outward and inward. He begins to teach what he has learned and felt. He taught the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path for fifty years before passing.

586 BCE – Babylonians/Iraq, led by King Nebuchadnezzar destroy Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem

580 BCE – Pythagoras, a Greek Philosopher presents the Heliocentric nature of the universe, which explains that we are revolving around the sun along with other planets.

527 BCE – Jainism begins in India – Jain Dharma teaches a path of peace and non-violence, similar to Buddhism but was created separately as a result of the influence of Hinduism and the strict caste system. Emphasizes how your Karma(behavior/thoughts) influences your ability to attain Nirvana or enlightenment.

515 BCE – Persia/Iran, Zorastorians rebuilds the temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with help from Jews exiled from Babylon.

512 BCE – Zorastorians place pressure on the Hebrews to develop a “Hebrew Law” this forces the Hebrews to commit to paper the oral stories in the five books of the Torah.

510 BCE – Confucianism begins in China – named after sage and philosopher Confuscius who utilizes a sophisticated version of the ancient art of divination called the I-Ching

500 BCE – Romans blend Greek culture forming the Greco-Roman Empire. Many Greek Gods and Goddesses are renamed but their characteristics remain the same.

460 BCE – Socrates, a Greek philosopher focuses on morality and ethics, is challenged to outsmart the ruling class and sentenced to die. He chooses to poison himself with Hemlock.

410 BCE – Plato is a student of Socrates, who focuses on Mysticism, Philosophy & Math. He identifies the Platonic Solids as the building blocks of the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether/spirit.

347 BCE – Aristotle becomes a student of Plato who brings new thought to Physics and Metaphysics

323 BCE – Alexander the Great, a Greek King conquers Persia, Egypt, Sumeria. He was a student of Aristotle who encourages education. He becomes the first Greek Pharaoh.  His childhood friend Ptolemy takes over as Pharaoh after Alexander died.  This opens the door for Egypt to be ruled by the Ptolemy lineage of which Cleopatra was the last.

300 BCE – Library of Alexandria is built in Northern Egypt, containing over a million scrolls from throughout the known world.

250 BCE – The Tao Te Ching is officially assembled, it includes 84 verses of inspirational ways to live in harmony thought to have been written by Lao Tzu. Continues to strengthen Taoist belief in harmony within man and nature.

200 BCE – Mayans reach their peak with 10 million population and 60 city centers in Southern Mexico and Guatemala area of Central America.

150 BCE – Hebrews reclaim Temple Mount in Jerusalem and their religion is officially recognized as Judaism

125 BCE – The school of Alexandria is established based on the teachings of Homer, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagorus, etc…

100 BCE – Buddhism splits into two groups – Mahayana (liberal) & Theravada (stricter)

100 BCE – Romans claim Temple Mount – King Herod rebuilds and expands.

100 BCE – Kaaba/Kabba – (cube) stone god blocks (or Baetyl).  A block of stone was frequently squared (having four sides or faces, representing the four aspects of the moon New, Waxing, Full, Waning). Every family in Mecca had a “God Block” in their home that they worshiped. When they went on a journey, before leaving the house they would touch the idol for luck; and on their return, they would touch it again in gratitude. Whenever a traveler stopped to rest or spend the night, he would select four stones, pick out the finest among them to represent his Kaaba, and use the remaining three as supports for his cooking-pot. On departure they would be left behind for others.

46 BCE – Julian calendar came into force – changing from both a lunar and solar calendar to a strictly a solar calendar, dividing 365 days into 12 months, flattening time and space. Judaism continues to honor the lunar calendar, eastern cultures do not accept this calendar. The beginning of the formation of the “Western” mind which is more linear versus circular as is the “Eastern” mind….

30 BCE – Cleopatra VII becomes the last Pharaoh who dies after her love affairs with the Romans, Julius Ceasar and Mark Anthony in hopes of saving the Egyptian culture. Rome gains control of Egypt and begins to wipe out Egyptian history and Gods.

1 CE – Yeshua/Jesus, an inquisitive, spiritual Jewish boy is born to Mary and Joseph. He is exposed to traders from other lands during a time of great change and upheaval as the Roman Empire begins to expand through bloodshed and taxation.

30 CE – Yeshua/Jesus teaches love, forgiveness, non-judgement and humility to all who will listen. He befriends non-jews (gentiles) and women as he travels throughout Caanen.

33 CE – Yeshua/Jesus is crucified in Jerusalem and then deified by his followers, Peter, Paul and Mary along with many others. His followers begin to faction off into sub groups as each group interprets his teaching differently and teaches from their perspective. Some believe him to be the “Christ” others do not.

40 CE – Early followers of Jesus are seen as  trouble makers by both the Romans and Orthodox Jews who say Jesus is not the “Christ/Savior/King”.

64 CE – The burning of Rome destroys about two-thirds of the city. The blaze breaks out near the Circus Maximus (where early Christians are killed for entertainment). Nero used the destruction as a reason to claim more than 200 acres of the city center for the construction of an enormous palace and other projects

66 CE – Roman Emperor Trajan, fights against the Jews in Egypt and Syria because Jews are destroying Roman temples.  The rebellion started when Roman rulers placed Roman gods such as Apollo, Artemis, Demeter, Juno, Isis, Pluto in Jewish Synagogues.

70 CE – Romans destroy the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and exile Jews, marking the beginning of the “Disapora of Jews”.

100 CE – Roman soldiers celebrate Mithras as the Sun God along with other Gods and Goddesses from Greco-Roman culture

110 CE – The word Catholic (katholikos – “throughout the whole” or “the four principal winds” is a word created by Greek philosopher Aristotle, in 347BC) The combination “the Catholic Church” is found for the first time in a letter written by St. Ignatius. “Wheresoever the bishop shall appear, there let the people be, even as where Jesus may be, there is the universal (katholike) Church.” 

150 CE – St. Irenaeus – bishop of Lyon, in France, attempts to unify the church by declaring Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John as the only Gospels. He felt that the number four was symbolic of the four directions and the four winds which is what the word Catholic stood for.

150 CE – Ptolemy presents a Geocentric view of Earth and man which reinforces the “Western” linear mind that the Sun, Planets and stars revolve around the earth.

313 CE – Roman Emperor Constantine ended Pagan Rome (Eagle) by creating Papal Rome (Cross). Encouraged by his mother Helena who had already converted to Christianity.

325 CE – Council of Nicaea is held in Turkey – defines Jesus as the one and only true Son of God, the Holy Trinity, sets the date for Jesus resurrection so it would never coincide with the Jewish passover or the spring equinox.  Also identifies Jesus birth as December 25th, the day of the Winter Solstice, which was seen as the birth of the Sun, it is now celebrated as the birth of the Son.

326 CE – Queen Helena travels to Jerusalem to determine the locations of Jesus last days and the stations of the cross.

388 CE – Theophilus, a Roman General, destroys pagan images created by Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc to clear the way for the new “Christian” era to begin.

392 CE – Theophilus destroys sections of the Library of Alexandria by Decree of Theodosius the Roman Emperor to wipe out teachings that would conflict with new Roman thought and law. Marks the beginning of the “Dark Ages”.

470 CE – Roman Empire is split between Eastern/Byzantine (Turkey/Middle East/Jerusalem) and Western/Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Spain)

500 CE – Teotihuacan located in the center of Mexico becomes largest city in the world with a population of 150,000.

500 CE – Mississippian Moundbuilders, a sophisticated group of Native American tribes create a elaborate Serpent Mound near St Louis along with others along the Mississippi River.

525 CE – Christian Monk, Dionysius Exiguus redefines time by identifying the year Jesus was born and beginning the count of years from that point.  This created the BC (before Christ) and AD (after Domini) as a way to put the Catholic Church and Jesus in the center of time.

540 CE – Pope Gregory I or Gregory the Great incorporates celtic pagan beliefs into Catholicism to help in the conversion of the warring Germanic/Celtic tribes.

570 CE – Mohammed is born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

614 CE – Persians/Iranians conquer Jerusalem – destroy churches/temples/synagogues expelling Jews and Christians

621 CE – Ascension of Mohammed, known as “Miraj”, or “Stairway (Tree) to Heaven” begins when Mohammed falls asleep on a carpet at his cousin’s place. During this “night journey” he receives the words and visions of Allah/God that form the basis of the Quran.

621 CE– Mohammed becomes prophet of Islam – receives more visions

629 CE – Jerusalem is recaptured by the Byzantines (Turkish/Christians)

632 CE – Mohammed dies in Medina

680 CE – Islam splits between Shiite and Sunni over who should be the successor of Mohammed.

700 CE – Islam takes control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

710 CE – Sufism becomes the mystical branch of Islam called Dervish – Whirling Dervishes dance in ecstasy as they connect to the true spirit of Allah/God within them.

800 CE – Islam conquer 50% of what was the Holy Roman Empire mainly parts of the Byzantine Christian Empire.

850 CE – Cahokia near St Louis becomes largest city in North America – created by the “Mound Builders”.

900 CE – Toltecs in Mexico City replace Olmecs…Quetzelcoatl is God of light

981 CE – Mayan King Kukalcan names himself Quetzelcoatl builds Chichen Itza

1000 – Viking explorer Leif Erikisson comes to New Foundland and finds North America

1054 – Christianity splits between Eastern Orthodox/Byzantine/Greek/Russian and Roman Catholic

1075 – Pope Urban II joins with Byzantines to fight the Turkish Muslims, marking the beginning of the 200 yr crusades

1099 – Crusaders capture Jerusalem slaughtering Muslims, Baldwin I becomes King of Jerusalem

1129 – The Knights Templar are established to protect treasures from Solomon’s Temple

1150 – Hildegard of Bingen, a German nun, becomes a Christian Mystic draws Mandalas based on her visions of God and Jesus. She becomes an oracle that is sought out by the Pope for advice.

1170 – Old Norse beliefs are converted to Christianity

1171 – Islamic leader Saladin abolishes Shi’ites from Egypt proclaiming a return to Sunni Islam

1180 – Aztec Empire takes over Toltec Empire. Tenochtitlan is a city with 250,000 people.

1187 – Saladin leads attack against the Crusaders to win Jerusalem – he allows Jews & Muslims to worship in Jerusalem.

1192 – Richard the Lion Heart fails to capture Jerusalem, Saladin permits Christians to worship.

1200 – The Kabbalah is committed to paper after years of secrecy – Tree of Life

1206 – Genghis Khan – Mongolian warlord conquers China, Russia and Southeast Europe

1229 – Holy Roman Crusaders reclaim Jerusalem and the temple mount

1244 – Khwarezmi Turks recapture Jerusalem, transferring power to the Ottoman Turks and reclaiming Jerusalem for Islam

1437 – The First bible is printed using the Guttenburg Press in Germany, written in Latin, brought to Frankfurt for first “showing”.

1440 – Portuguese begin “importing” African slaves to Europe

1450 – Russian Orthodox Church splits from Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church

1457 – Moravian Church splits from Roman Catholic

1488 – Portuguese explorer Bartolomeo Dias “discovers” South African Cape

1492 – Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand unify Spain as a Christian nation, expelling Jews & Muslims. This marks the beginning of Spain as a super power who spreads Christianity as it discovers and takes control of new lands. “The New World”

1492 – Columbus, a Spanish explorer, “discovers” America in the Bahamas and names Arawats “Indians”

1500 – Leonardo DaVinci defines perspective and people begin to see in 3-D, this heralds in the dawning of the Renaissance

1500 – Mochtezuma becomes the last ruler of Aztecs – Cortez a Spanish explorer arrives and destroys city and culture

1500 – Ottoman Empire rebuilds the walls of Old Jerusalem

1500 – Sikhism created by Guru Nanak blends Hinduism and Islam, denies caste system

1519 – The reformation begins as Lutheranism is founded based on the theology of Martin Luther in Germany. Luther translates the old and new testaments of the Bible from Latin to German making it accessible to the common person to read.

1520 – West African’s are brought to the America’s as slaves, bringing their beliefs with them.

1532 – Francisco Pizarro and De Soto, both Spanish explorers begin the conquest of the Incan Empire

1534 – King Henry VII breaks from Rome creating the Anglo Saxon Church of England of which he is the head.

1539 – Hernando de Soto lands in Florida travels the Mississippi destroying the Moundbuilder Culture

1543 – Nicolaus Copernicus publishes his “De Revolutionus” on his deathbed – Heliocentric view is criticized by the Catholic Church as heresey. Catholic Church can not accept that the universe does not revolve around them.

1552 – Calvinism is attributed to Protestant Reformer John Calvin from France

1557 – John Knox creates the First Presbyterian Church in Scotland

1564 – Puritans form in England – offshoot to Calvanism, Thomas Cartwright is founder. They become a very strict group the interprets the bible literally.

1578 – Vaj Rayana – Tibetan Buddhism is formed and first Dali Lama is identified

1582 – Pope Gregory XIII creates the Gregorian calendar, which separates Pagan & Church Holidays. Most significantly the Winter Solstice moves to December 21st and Christmas remains December 25th (the original date of the Winter Solstice based on the Julian calendar.

1609 – Galileo builds telescope – defends the Copernicum model and is put under house arrest by the Catholic Church

1609 – John Smyth creates the First Baptist Church in England

1620 – Mayflower lands at Plymouth, MA bringing Pilgrims many are English Puritans with strict interpretations of the bible.

1643 – Issac Newton – Writes of the laws of motion and gravity and spectroscopy

1650 – Quakers – The Religious Society of Friends in England, honors the “Inner Light”

1692 – Salem Witch trials in Massachusetts is spurred on by Puritanism

1693 – Amish Mennonites form in Switzerland in the Alsace region

1699 – Natchez, a Mississippi Moundbuilder Chief, reaches his peak as The Sun God located in Mississippi Valley.

1730 – Evangelicalism begins as a Protestant Christian movement in Great Britain

1738 – Rev. John Wesley creates the Methodist Church in England. They begin to move to America with a more open or moderate view of the bible.

1776 – United States declares its independence from England

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation

1779 – Universalist Church of America is created – inclusive of all faiths

1784 – Episcopal Church forms in US – forced to separate from Church of England

1800 – Phineas Parkhurst Quimby begins “New Thought” era – we are god – oneness

1804 – Church of Christ is organized in America

1825 – American Unitarian Association is formed to unite different faiths

1830 – Joseph Smith establishes Church of Latter Day Saints “Mormons” in New York

1838 – Trail of Tears – Cherokees, a very intellectual tribe of the Eastern Band of Native Americans along the Southeastern states are forced from their ancestral land to Oklahoma

1838 – Michael Faraday discovers cathode rays – the beginning of Quantum Mechanics

1848 – Spiritualism begins in NY by two Methodists sisters Margaret & Catherine Fox as they sense they can communicate directly with spirits.

1857 – Allan Kardec starts Spiritism movement in France  – connecting with spirits

1863 – Seventh Day Adventist are founded in New England

1864 – James Maxwell shows that electricity, magnetism and light are interrelated

1867 – Baha’u’llah begins Baha’i faith in Persia “peace and unity under one God”

1879 – Carlisle Boarding School for Indians established to “deindianize” young native American boys and girls. They are forced to leave there families.

1879 – Charles Taze Russell forms the Jehovah’s Witness in Pittsburgh

1879 – Mary Baker Eddy begins the Church of Christ, Scientist in Mass “love & healing”

1880 – Helen Blavatsky begins the Theosophical Society – honoring all religions

1884 – Earth is divided into 24 times zones, 24 hours a day to synchronize the railroad system

1890 – Ghost Dancers go to Wounded Knee for protection, hoping to practice their faith in spirit, all are slaughtered.

1890 – Sitting Bull was set up and murdered to make an example to stop Ghost Dancing

1890 – Black Elk witnessed the wounded knee massacre and began praying for peace

1900 – Usui creates Reiki, a form of energy healing based on Japanese Symbols and  Hindu understanding of the chakras thereby blending Buddhist & Christian beliefs.

1900 – Leo Tolstoy, a Russian – writes War & Peace, that focuses on the concept of “The kingdom of God is Within You”

1905 – Albert Einstein develops the theory of Special Relativity – secret of stars

1915 – Albert Einstein develops the theory of General Relativity – space warps

1917 – Bristish take over control of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire

1918 – World War I, defines boundaries for German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires

1920 – United States ratifies the 19th amendment and gives women the right to vote

1920 – Marcus Garvey begins Rastafari religion – Africa is Eden

1921 – Kaluza-Klein theory describes 4 dimensions – length, width, height and time

1921 – Albert Einstein receives Nobel Prize in Physics for theory on energy

1929 – Hans Berger introduces the first EEG to measure brainwaves

1930 – Development of Radar and Television goes public

1933 – Adolph Hitler becomes chancellor of the Third Reich – singles out Jews, homosexuals, developmentally disabled, and gypsies plus others for extermination.

1944 – Billy Graham begins American Evangelical Protestantism worldwide.

1945 – The Gospel of Thomas emerges from the Nag Hammadi discovery in Egypt. The Gospel is thought to be the work of St. Thomas, one of the Twelve Apostles. It includes some 114 sayings or teachings of Jesus. The text reflects early Christian philosophies that deemphasized the events of Jesus’ life and instead stressed his teachings which were focused on the idea of knowing yourself is to know God.

1945 – World War II ends, 70 million people died – US & Russia become superpowers

1945 – United States drops 2 Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1947 – Mohandas Gandhi peacefully wins India’s freedom from Britain, is assassinated by a fellow Hindu of the Brahman (priestly caste) because he denounced the caste system.

1947 – Bell Labs pioneers the use of cell phones and cell towers

1948 – United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1950 – Project RAND is created to support communications between researchers

1950 – Carl Jung Swiss Psychotherapist sees archetypal patterns as representations of the collective unconscious. Identifies the Mandala as the archetype of Wholeness. He studies the concepts of circular thinking versus linear thinking

1950 – Constitution of the Republic of India states that the caste system is constitutionally outlawed

1950 – New Age movement begins – honoring individual approaches to spiritual practice

1950 – Paramahansaji Yogananda a Hindu, holds the first Self-Realization Fellowship in California.

1954 – Ron Hubbard begins the Church of Scientology in California

1954 – Unification Church created by Sun Myung Moon in South Korea

1954 – Gerald Gardner writes “Witchcraft Today” influenced by Aleister Crowley etc…

1955 – Kim Il Sung creates ideology of “Juche” as the official religion of North Korea

1957 – United Church of Christ is formed in US

1961 – Berlin Wall divides Communist held East Berlin from US friendly West Berlin

1961 – Unitarian Universalists merge together to form one religion

1962 – United States Defense system is interconnected with mainframe computers

1962 – Laika Shamans come down from the high Andes to teach and prepare for 2012 and the time to come. The dawn of a new age.

1964 – Martin Luther King Jr. – establishes Civil Rights & Voting Acts African Americans

1965 – E Mail is created as a way to share mainframe computers

1967 – Muslims, Jews and Christians are given access to their Holy places within Jerusalem

1968 – Carlos Castaneda a Peruvian born American anthropologist renews interest in Shamanism

1969 – United States puts first man on the Moon

1970 – A group of physicists collaborate to develop the concept of  “String Theory” and how everything is interrelated through vibrational energy.

1974 – Internet term was adopted to describe TCP/IP protocol

1979 – Michael Harner starts the Center for Shamanic Studies for “Core Shamansim”

1980 – Energy Medicine is seen as “complementary and alternative medicine”

1989 – Berlin Wall comes down, signaling the end of communism in Europe and Russia

1990 – Hubble Telescope is launched to take photos of the universe

1996 – Black Holes are understood which opens the concept of parallel dimensions.

2000 – Pope John Paul II attempts to purify the soul of the Roman Catholic church by making a sweeping apology for 2,000 years of violence and persecution and mis information.

2001 – Michio Kaku explains Superstrings and the 10th dimension of vibrations

2001 – Sept 11th, Fundamental terrorist group, al-Qaeda, attacks Twin Towers in New York and the United States Pentagon. The world begins to search for answers stimulating education and awareness of world religions and beliefs.

2008 – Large Hadron Collider begins smashing proton beams to measure energy, it is a large circular tube. They find that “Bucky Balls” named after Buckminster Fuller. Also called dodecahedrons which are now seen as the sub atomic structure of energy. Plato had identified the dodecahedron as the building block of ether or spirit in 410 BC. This proves he understood this 2400 years before modern science did.

2010 – 20% of the earth’s population is accessing the internet…”world wide web” through computers and cell phones.

2010 – Scientist searching for the “Theory of Everything”

2011 – Great shifts are occurring throughout the world (political, environmental, financial, social and spiritual).

2013 – Hadron Collider discovers the Higgs Bosun particle as it smashes atoms and protons.  The Higgs Bosun is nicknamed the “God Particle” as it helps scientists understand how matter is formed.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us 
“the universe,” a part limited in time and space. 
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, 
as something separate from the rest-a kind of 
optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion 
is a kind of prison, restricting our 
personal desires and affections. Our task must be to free ourselves 
from this prison by widening our circle of 
understanding and compassion to embrace 
all living creatures and the whole of nature 
in its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

“The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere” – Empedodes

“I was seeing in a sacred manner the shape of all things in the Spirit, and the Shape of all Shapes as they must live together like one being and I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.” – Black Elk

“For the shape of the world exists everlastingly in the knowledge of the true Love which is God: constantly circling, wonderful for human nature, and such that it is not consumed by age and cannot be increased by anything new . . . in its workings the Godhead is like a wheel, a whole. In no way is it to be divided because the Godhead has neither beginning nor end.” – Hildegard of Bingen

“Come out of the circle of time. And into the circle of love.” – Rumi

2 thoughts on “Timeline of world belief

  1. Wow – we all live in a state of blind belief. When will we learn to think and take responsibility for ourselves? I can see all this as a historian and thinker, and yet we live in a world where people cannot see beyond their next shopping list. Life as it is makes no sense. Life in historical perspective makes perfect sense as part of an evolutionary process. I can live with that. I find it hard to live with people who agonise over what colour toilet paper to buy! Is there anyone out there who feels the same? This is my first visit – I searched google for evolution of belief because I knew there was a pattern to be found. Someone sane, please talk to me!

  2. Reading this timeline makes me wonder why, as an educator for 39 years, I have not been teaching this historical perspective to children?! It seems to me we need to consider charter schools where all perspecitves are taught to our children so they become more inclusive of each other rather than exclusive. This is SO interesting!

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